Category Tags

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What is a Category Tag?

Category Tags are assigned to both products and scanners for the purposes of producing size recommendations. A scanner will only produce size recommendations for products with the same shared Category Tag. E.g if a specific scanner has been assigned ‘EastCoastWear’, then only products that have been categorised ‘EastCoastWear’ will have sizes recommended from that scanner.

This can be useful when your company account has multiple scanners in different locations, with each location dealing with a different product range. For example, you may want ‘Scanner A’ to only be giving size recommendations for ‘EastCoastWear’, while ‘Scanner B’ gives size recommendations for ‘WestCoastWear’.  

Size recommendations cannot be given unless both the scanner and product has a Category Tag assigned to it.

How to create a Category Tag

Click on the Products tab


Click on Category Tags


You can add new Category Tags, or remove existing ones here.


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