Configure your scanner

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Give your scanner an appropriate name that will help you and your team members recognise it, e.g ‘Head Office Change Room’


You can customise your scan complete message here. This message displays to the user on the scanner interface once their scan has completed.


You can configure the type of identifier that is asked to the user during a scan here. 


Scanner location

If you have multiple scanners in multiple locations with multiple users managing them, it is important to specify which geographical location this scanner is stationed. For privacy reasons, specific users of BoddHub can be granted access to scans from specific scanner locations. If you do not see the desired location of the scanner listed, you can add/edit it here.


Save your configurations and you're done. You are now ready to scan and receive body measurements on BoddHub.

If you would like to receive size recommendations, learn how to set up Bodd's size recommendation service SizeMatch here.

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