Environment Diagnostics

2 min. readlast update: 07.01.2024

Environment Diagnostics is a series of guided tests you can perform on the scanner to evaluate the suitability of the environment in which the scanner has been set up. You may be prompted to perform Environment Diagnostics in the following scenarios:

1. Upon initial set up of the scanner.
2. If the scanner has been on, but unused for over an hour.
3. You may at any time manually initiate Environment Diagnostics, such as when you are troubleshooting scan quality.

Here's how to access it manually:

  • From the Scanner Home Screen, go to Settings

  • Tap on System Admin

  • Enter the PIN code

  • Tap on Environmental Diagnostics

If you do not know the scanner PIN code:

  1. Log in to BoddHub and navigate to "Scanners" 

  2. Select the scanner which you are trying to access. If you do not know which scanner that is, look on the back of the scanner for a Device ID, written on a silver plate.

  3. Find the "Scanner Pin" section and use the 6-digit code displayed as your PIN code


This will initiate a 3 part guided test:

Follow the guided on-screen prompts. If the tests fail, this could be an indication that the environment you have set up in is not suitable, hence you will be instructed to set up the scanner in a new location.



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