How to set up your scanner

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We recommend having 2 people set up the unit for the first time.
This will make it easier to unfold the unit during setup.

What you need:


1) Ensure you have at least 1.3m/4.3ft between the scanner and the wall to unfold it. This is roughly the length of the scanner base itself.



2) Pick up the front of the mast. Lift up till it stands 90 degrees.




3) Push the top half of the mast slightly away to locate the indicated silver locking screw.Tighten the locking screw by turning it anti-clockwise with your fingers.


4) Fold the top half of the mast up 180°. Ensure there is enough space behind the scanner to do so. 

If the mast does not fold up smoothly, carefully push in the cabling as you fold it up.
Be careful not to catch your fingers in the hinge as you fold up the mast.


5) Secure the hinge by turning the indicated silver locking screw clockwise with your fingers.


6) If necessary, grab the handle to slide the scanner into place closer to the power point.



7) Plug in the AC power adapter into the scanner first, then plug the other end into your power outlet and ensure the power is turned on. Ensure that all plugs are securely fastened.


8) Turn O/I switch to ON.


9) Press silver button.

✅ Physical set up complete

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