Enable size recommendations

1 min. readlast update: 05.23.2024

Size recommendations are displayed on Bodd’s scan management software, BoddHub. In order to receive size recommendations, your scanner needs to have SizeMatch configured. Here’s how:

*Ensure you have linked the scanner to BoddHub. If you haven’t done so, you can see how here.

1) Click on 'Profiles' in the main side navigation.  
2) Then select the Scanner Profile associated with the scanner which you'll be using to produce size recommendations. 

3) Click the SizeMatch tab.

4) SizeMatch will produce size recommendations for product categories (or 'category tags') that have been assigned to this specific Scanner Profile.
 In this example, any scanner associated with the Scanner Profile 'Melbourne', will produce size recommendations for all products that have been assigned the Category Tag ‘FRV’. Assign the category of product you would like this Scanner Profile to produce recommendations for. 

5) Be sure to save your configuration.
If you don’t see any Category Tags, you can see how to create them here.











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